First gameplay trailer for Firemint’s Spy Mouse

Firemint’s upcoming Spy Mouse has undergone something of a strange press relations policy since it was first announced earlier this year. Journalists at GDC 2011 were given a hands-on with the game and were permitted to discuss their experiences, but not a single piece of footage was allowed to be shown to complement the words they shared. As a result, we knew it was a stealth game that utilized line drawing, but we simply didn’t know what it looked like. But now Firemint has finally dropped the curtain, providing a brand new trailer that shares with the public the first real glimpse of gameplay.

While no new details have technically surfaced, I think it’s safe to say that this new trailer shows off a far wider range of gameplay than anyone was expecting. Firemint still has this one slated for Summer 2011, so don’t be surprised if it hits the App Store in the coming weeks.

Agent Squeek gets a new name, release date, and trailer

Firemint’s Agent Squeek has undergone a lot of changes since it was debuted back GDC earlier this year. First up, the game is no longer being published by Firemint, but EA. I suppose that’s only logical though, since EA bought Firemint back in May. And Agent Squeek isn’t called Agent Squeek anymore, either. Now it’s called Spy Mouse, and along with a new name, the game has a new teaser trailer and a new release window.

Like most teaser trailers, the one above offers a creative few minutes to whet our appetites, but no glimpses of actual gameplay. While we know what to expect in terms of gameplay mechanics (as per our earlier preview), those outside of the GDC 2011 show floor have yet to be privy to any of the game’s visuals. Still – it’s hard to not appreciate the trailer’s James Bond opening/Catch Me if You Can kind of vibe.

One of the few additional tidbits to leak out is that the game’s lead character will still retain the name Agent Squeek, although now the onomonopia is correctly spelled as Agent Squeak. Whether the original was a typo that went too far or a spelling variation from the developer’s homeland of Australia, we’ll probably never know. Regardless, it’s nice to see that extra E swapped for an A (how appropriate, considering the E and the A that now own the developer.)

EA has also let it slip that the game will offer 70 levels across six different worlds, and that Squeak will have access to a variety of gizmos and power-ups to aid him on his cheese-seeking adventures.

As you can see at the end of the video, Firemint and EA are aiming to have this one out for the iPhone later this summer – a nice improvement from the previous release window of “later this year.”

Firemint gets ready to play cat and mouse with Agent Squeek

by Mike Thompson

Firemint has a well-deserved reputation for stuffing a lot of fun into the tiny packages that are iOS devices. The developer has unveiled a new game at GDC this week, Agent Sqeek, which looks like it’ll continue the fine tradition. The game looks as though it will incorporate some of the mechanics Firemint has used in its previous games while adding some new elements, too.

The basic idea to the game is that players assume the role of a mouse who collects cheese and then has to make it back to his hole. The challenge, however, is provided by the stealth/avoidance gameplay, which requires you to draw the mouses’s route with your finger. Later levels are reportedly going to be insanely complex mazes. If you’ve ever played Flight Control, then you’ll probably be right at home.

Agent Squeek

Based on the impressions we’re hearing from those who had a chance to go hands-on with the pre-alpha build of the game, it sounds like Agent Squeek will stand head-and-shoulders above its peers thanks to Firemint’s clever creativity. More and more obstacles keep on popping up as gameplay progresses, not to mention certain aids (like a fireplace that causes a cat to instantly fall asleep, even if they’re chasing Squeek). The game is also going to feature boss battles, which take place on “wheels of fire” and pit Squeek against creatures like giant robots piloted by cats.

Currently, there’s no firm release date yet for Agent Squeek, other than “later this year.” Be sure to follow this game right here on Gamezebo to stay on top of all the breaking news.