Power-ups and social elements make Collapse Blast a fresh twist on an old favorite

Collapse! Blast is a fresh spin on an old favorite in this new Facebook game from GameHouse. The game has all the familiarity of the original Collapse! but promises new twists to the gameplay as it develops into a social game.

If you have ever played any of the different incarnations of Collapse! you will be able to pick up the gameplay quickly. The rules are simple enough. You have rows of colored blocks rising from the bottom of the screen and you must click on matching sets of colored blocks of three or more to remove them from the screen. The more blocks you remove in one click, the more points you earn. The session comes to an end when you either run out of time or the blocks hit the top of the screen.

Collapse Blast

Collapse Blast

In Collapse! Blast there is an added social element to the game. There are weekly tournaments in which you compete with your friends for the highscore. You can see their scores down the right side of your screen so that you can see where you rank.

To gain an edge in the game you are able to purchase power-ups. Power-ups will become available as you level up and can be purchased using coins you earn through playing. Early on in the game you will have one power-up slot available, but as you level you can unlock additional slots. You will also be able to unlock them early using Facebook Credits.

Power-ups must be used strategically since the power-ups you choose to use will be the only ones that appear in your playing screen. In the early levels of the game you will only have access to one power-up per session.

Collapse Blast

Each session of Collapse! Blast uses lives, represented as hearts. You can earn extra lives by leveling up, asking friends to send them to you, or by waiting a period of time for them to refill. Each life buys one 60 second game. During those 60 seconds you will need to clear as many blocks as possible to earn score multipliers and maximize your score.

Collapse! Blast only recently launched on Facebook and there are numerous additions in the works for the game. These include a new tutorial and sound and performance improvements. There is also a treasure meter that will be added in the next several weeks. The treasure meter will be a bonus feature that will reward players with additional coins for reaching certain performance goals. Look for Collapse! Blast on Facebook now.