From the creators of Pot Farm, comes Zombinis

Eastside Games is a brand new social game development studio in Vancouver and today it has announced its first game: Zombinis, described as a collectible battle game with zombified stuffed animals. Considering that it’s coming from the same people who made Pot Farm, it’s a pretty good assumption that the game will be a little crazy.

The studio itself consists of former members of DES Games, the developer of Pot Farm and other Facebook titles, and Jason Bailey, a co-founder of online gaming monetization service Super Rewards. The team has managed to raise $1.5 million to help get the studio going, and the first release will be coming soon in the form of Zombinis. Here’s the game’s description and the very first image:


Zombinis is a collectable battle game featuring adorable and somewhat explosive zombies with detachable body parts and addicting gameplay. Assemble your army of furry (or scaly, or feathery) minions out of discarded stuffed animal parts and battle your friends to become the undisputed ruler of Zombiniland!”

The game is listed as “launching soon” and will be coming to Facebook, its own site, and potentially Google+ as well.