Ridiculous Fishing lets you blow up hat-wearing fish with rocket launchers

Fishing may be relaxing, but it can also be rather boring. So why not add some guns? That’s the idea behind Ridiculous Fishing, the upcoming iOS sequel to the cult hit browser game Radical Fishing. You catch fish, toss them into the air, and then blow them to smithereens. But, more importantly, the fish wear little hats.

Though it’s based off of the original game, Ridiculous Fishing will be enhanced in a number of ways. There will be new gameplay mechanics that have yet to be revealed, as well as an expanded array of weapons, locations, upgrades, monsters, and more. You’ll be able to attack fish with everything from rocket launchers to hair dryers.

Ridiculous Fishing Ridiculous Fishing

Since the game is the first iOS release from Dutch developer Vlambeer, the team decided to partner up with a pair of notable iOS developers on the project. Greg Wohlwend, who previously worked on Solipskier, will be providing art for the game, while Zach Gage, creator of Bit Pilot, will also be lending a hand.

The premise may sound familiar to anyone who read our preview of Ninja Fishing last week. And, in fact, it was that very game that forced Vlambeer to announce Ridiculous Fishing a wee bit early.

“We hadn’t planned to announce the game just yet,” said Vlambeer’s Rami Ismail, “but yesterday we suddenly received piles of messages and tweets that somebody had made a game inspired by Radical Fishing and that they were bringing the game to iOS. Seeing we’ve had Ridiculous Fishing under development for quite some time now, that was a bit of a surprise.”

No release date has been announced, but the team says it will come out in the “nearby future.”