Get ready to guide a family of Eeeps home in the upcoming iOS game Goop

You`ve gotta feel sorry for the Eeeps. All that the adorable little guys want to do is get home. Unfortunately, their journey’s been hampered by the encroaching goop, which players have to help them avoid as they journey through the four unique worlds of Goop, a new game due on iOS devices soon.

Each of the Eeeps has a unique personality, which makes things challenging for players. There’s Normy, the pack leader; Dafty, who gets turned around and requires a little outside help to find the right way; Bitty, the “lively baby”; and Plumpy, the big stubborn Eeep. Players will have to guide these creatures through a sewer system, a kitchen, a volcano, and an active factory before they can make it home. Exactly where the Eeeps live isn’t quite clear yet, but it seems like it’d be a lot easier and safer if they just called for a taxi instead of trying to hoof it back.

Goop‘s gameplay consists of helping the Eeeps jump and tumble past areas where goop is dripping, or sometimes dragging them away from these sections. The developers are also promising that the title will contain “endless gameplay” for players to enjoy.

Meanwhile the game will also contain graphics that take advantage of the Retina display, which makes the cartoon-style visuals look all the better. Not only that, but the characters are going to have unique sounds to make the Eeeps all the more entertaining.



Goop is expected to hit the App Store on August 2nd.