When the Wii’s downloadable games service WiiWare launched, LostWinds was one of the very first hits. With controls that suited the motion-enabled Wii remotes perfectly, and a whimsical art style, it was the perfect bite-sized experience. And soon iOS and Android gamers will be able to experience the game as well.

The news comes via Eurogamer, and it looks like the mobile version will be a relatively straight port of the console original, but with the obvious addition of touch controls.”It works very well with the Wii controller motions, but it also works on a touch interface in a very similar fashion,” explained David Braben, from developer Frontier Developments.

LostWinds originally launched on WiiWare back in 2008, and was followed by a sequel called LostWinds: Winter of Melodias in 2009. In addition to controlling the movement of a young boy, the games also gave you control of the wind, which could be used to affect jumps and defeat enemies. Here’s a video of the WiiWare original in action:

No release date was announced, but the mobile versions of LostWinds are expected to launch sometime this year.