Battle Realms kicks off a franchise revival with a new collectible card game

Collectible card games are all the rage now, especially on mobile devices, so it should come as no surprise that Liquid Entertainment, the developer behind the upcoming Facebook game D&D Heroes of Neverwinter, is reviving the Battle Realms brand — originally a real-time strategy game for the PC — and bringing it back as a CCG that will be coming to both iOS and Android-enabled devices next year.

The original Battle Realms, which was launched way back in 2001, took place in a Japanese-themed world with four opposing clans. It was Liquid’s first ever release and, though the new game features a very different type of gameplay, it will take place in the same universe. No screenshots have been released yet but you can take a look at some early concept art below.

Battle RealmsBattle Realms

“Maturing mobile platforms like iOS and Android allow us, for the first time, to translate the Battle Realms universe into an addictive, unforgettable card game you can enjoy anywhere, anytime,” said Liquid president Ed Del Castillo. “It’s been an undying dream of mine to allow gamers to gather socially and play games together again, and the technology is finally here to make that possible.”

Few specifics have been revealed about the CCG, though it will include several features that will be familiar to fans of the original game, such as unit alchemy, which allows you to train units to turn them into more advanced soldiers.

It also appears that the card game will be just the first of a number of new games set in the world of Battle Realms. “Starting with mobile is the best way to re-introduce the Battle Realms universe to a whole new generation of gamers,” explained Liquid CEO Holly Newman.

Battle Realms is due to hit both iOS and Android devices in 2012.