Ninja Fishing is one letter off from a great Chris Farley bit – “fat man in a little boat”

Being a ninja around fruit is all well and good, but isn’t just so… 2010? The developers at Gamenauts are looking to put ninjas to work cutting up another culinary delight, though this time it’s a little bit wigglier than a silly little banana or a spiky ol’ pineapple. Ninja Fishing, due on the iPhone and iPad later this year, will have players catching – and then slicing – their own fish.

Controlling Otoro – a tubby ninja who just loves his sushi – players will cast their lines into the water and tilt their iPhone’s to try and catch as many fish as possible while Otoro reels his catch back in, avoiding deadly underwater mines along the way. Once reeled in, the fish get tossed into the air for your waiting finger to begin slicing and dicing in a mechanic similar to games like Fruit Ninja or Chop Chop Slicer.

In addition to these two simple arcade-style elements – catching fish and slicing fish – Otoro will be able to upgrade his equipment by spending gold that is earned in-game. Rarer fish will earn more gold, as well as a greater quantity of sea life sliced. Both Otoro’s katana and fishing hook will be upgradable through such spending, meaning both sides of the game can be enhanced through the in-game shop.

Ninja Fishing Ninja Fishing

Ninja Fishing Ninja Fishing

Can’t wait to step onto a tiny Japanese fishing trawler of your own? Gamenauts is planning on releasing Ninja Fishing on the iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on August 4th.