Ion Seeker brings the fun of math and atoms to the iPad this summer

Any teacher can tell you that making science interesting is a difficult task. Making it fun is often close to impossible. That said, it can still happen. A new puzzle game for the iPad, Ion Seeker, is aimed at making atoms and math puzzles a blast.

The goal is incredibly simple: players are presented with a blue charge, which they have to surround with blue ions while getting rid of the yellow ions that start out around the charge. As a result, players have to employ strategy to scare away the yellow ions: the numbers on the blue ions on each charge have to be larger than the total number represented by the yellow ions.

The game will feature a total of 120 procedurally generated levels, meaning that players won’t have a shortage of content to play through. On top of that, players also will be able to use limited power-ups to help get through trickier situations.

At the moment, there’s no word on what type of online community elements will be incorporated into the game, but its production values look pretty charming. Aside from the simple graphics, the developers also promise to include “soothing music.”

Ion Seeker is due out soon, so keep your eyes peeled for it as you surf the App Store.