Dice Soccer casts you in the role of coach to a team of six-sided strikers

Do you dream about combining casual sports games with RPG elements? Have you ever sat there and said to yourself, “You know what would make soccer more exciting? Dice rolls!” If this seems familiar then it sounds like you’re in luck, as LambdaMu Games is about to release Dice Soccer for iOS devices.

Being billed by its developers as a “roll playing game” (groan), Dice Soccer is a casual sports title that puts players in the shoes of a coach who has just wound up in charge of a new team in the Dice Soccer League.

Each character comes with a unique six-sided die that has different numbers (and abilities) on it. Teams run up the field towards an opponent’s goal, where they turn into dice and are rolled against opposing line-ups (players shake the device to roll the dice). As they roll up the field, the characters can trigger powerful abilities and combos to help them advance through the game.

From the sound of things, there’s going to be an incredible amount of content in this title. Players can unlock over 80 (completely customizable) characters, and the campaign will feature three seasons and 75 different matches. On top of that, the developers are promising that multiplayer play will be included shortly after this game comes out.

Dice Soccer

Dice Soccer

Dice Soccer is set to arrive in the App Store on July 28th for the low, low, price of absolutely nothing. Based on the trailer, it looks like this is going to be an absolute blast.