One of the biggest publishers of social games, 6waves, and one of the largest developers, Lolapps, have announced that as of today they will be merging into a new games company dubbed, appropriately enough, 6waves Lolapps.

The new entity will boast a Facebook userbase of more than 35 million monthly active users, thanks in large part to hit games like Lolapps’ Ravenwood Fair. Part of the reasoning behind the move was that both companies will now have a greater international reach, as together they have offices in four different regions: Hong Kong, the United States, the United Kingdom, and Japan.

“The coming together of two of the social gaming industry’s leaders made a lot of sense given our complementary strengths and aligned vision,” Lolapps CEO Arjun Sethi explained. “6waves is a leading international publisher of social games and Lolapps is a top social games developer. Both companies have a very strong user base and share the pledge of delivering to them the best possible social gaming experience.”

“The combination of Lolapps and 6waves creates instant value for our users and will be especially attractive to development partners within our network,” added Rex Ng, CEO of 6waves. “Through this merger we are able to closely understand the needs of game developers – who will also have access to the technology that will be distributed through our relationship – which will further improve our publishing platform.”

Despite the merger, the two companies will still each focus on their respective speciailties, with Lolapps continuing to develop games, such as the upcoming Ravenshire Castle. 6waves, meanwhile, will continue with publishing Facebook games. Its most recent release is Camelot: The Game, based on the Starz Media television series.