Break Blocks is the debut puzzle game from Greater Good Games

Greater Good Games is a new developer that describes itself as a “charitable not-for-profit indie game development studio.” The company has promised to donate part of the income from selling its games to its charitable partners, Doctors Without Borders, Children International, and Extreme Response International. Find out more about the studio’s first title, Break Blocks, in our preview.

According to Greater Good Games Co-Founder Dayle Flowers, Break Blocks is an action puzzle game that incorporates color and rhythm. “In Break Blocks, you must hit the proper combination of color keys in time to the beat of the music in order to fill in your current piece,” Flowers explains. “Once the piece is completely filled in, you must then throw it onto the gameboard. The objective is to group similarly colored pieces together so that you can clear them and perform Dance Moves that you have selected. By performing Dance Moves, you impress the crowd and the objective is to impress the crowd more than your opponent.”

An early beta build of Break Blocks is currently available for download from Players who pre-purchase the game can download it up to twice a week, and offer feedback, ideas and suggestions that may be incorporated into the game as the developer releases new versions.

Break Blocks is being published by Tripwire Interactive, makers of Red Orchestra and Killing Floor, and will be available for download on PC and Mac through various digital distribution portals later this year.