Shake Spears gets set to let iOS gamers mount up for a medieval jousting contest

Little-known fact: jousts were often major spectacles used to entertain the public, much in the same way gladiator battles in the Roman arenas were. Essentially tournament knights were the equivalent of modern day pro-wrestlers. Now Alawar Entertainment is about to let players experience medieval athleticism with its upcoming iOS title, Shake Spears.

As far as can be told, the game has nothing to do with the famous playwright and a lot to do with beating the stuffing out of enemies on horseback. This is a 2D adventure/combat title, with players taking control of a lowly knight at the start of his journey towards fame and fortune.

Shake Spears

Shake Spears

Shake Spears

The story progresses through four different “worlds of wonder,” and battles take place in twenty different cities. Aside from standard enemy knights, there will also be boss battles.

Players will have the ability to purchase unlimited upgrades as they level up their knight. There are special abilities and skills, not to mention magic powers that can be used in a joust (though how magic isn’t considered cheating is beyond me).

Even though it’s a 2D title, Shake Spears looks like it’s going to have some absolutely stunning visuals. In fact, the graphics look like they’re hand-painted. On top of that, the graphics are have been designed with the iPhone 4’s retina display in mind.

Shake Spears is set to arrive on the App Store later this week on July 14th.