When Gun Bros launched for iOS back in October, one of the simultaneously best and worst features of the game was its social element. On the one hand, we loved the idea of our characters being tied into our friends’ games so that when we weren’t around, they’d accrue all sorts of benefits simply by existing. On the other hand, this was a big time action game that would’ve been great to play with friends in real time. Glu seems to have heard our cries, as the latest Gun Bros update has delivered the online multiplayer we were all clamouring for.

“Gun Bros is one of our most popular titles and we’re excited to give fans of the game the option to play together in real-time,” said Giancarlo Mori, Chief Creative Officer at Glu. “Making Gun Bros multiplayer gives players a truly social experience and will allow both new and long-time Gun Bros fans a fresh experience with the game.”

And if you’re a fan that hasn’t fired it up in awhile, this could absolutely be the thing to draw you back into the game. Until now, Glu’s only real attempt to reel wayward Gun Bros fans back into the fold was through the occasional content update, or the release of cookie cutter games like Men vs Machines and Star Blitz. Adding in a huge new feature like this is a real game changer – especially since it’s playable over WiFi ­-and 3G – and should have no problem calling AWOL soldiers back to the front.

Glu has also put together a few other new tweaks in this latest update, including auto-aim, more weapons and armor, and Game Center voice chat. No word yet on whether or not we can expect a similar update for Star Blitz or Man vs. Machines. It should also be noted that this update applies to the iOS version of Gun Bros, and not the Facebook version. The free multiplayer Gun Bros update is available on the App Store now.