Since its release late last fall, Smurfs’ Village has become a staple of the freemium games scene on the App Store. It seems that iOS gamers just can’t get enough of the little blue eighties throwbacks, regardless of how obnoxious their cartoon was. Now as those very same gamers gear up to go to the beach this summer, they’ll be able to let their Smurfs do the same in the game’s latest free update, Smurf’s Up!

Not only does Smurf’s Up! add more land in the form of a sandy beach, but players will also get a wealth of new summer items like beach chairs, beach blankets, sandcastles, seashells and more. The game will also now feature a new critter, the crab, as well as summertime appropriate headwear in Tailor Smurf’s hut.

In addition to the beach-friendly tweaks, this latest update raises the level cap to 36, adds new quests for levels 20-35, and finally brings Clumsy Smurf into the mix.


The free Smurf’s Up! update is available on the App Store now. Not playing Smurfs’ Village yet? Check out our four star review and learn why it’s such a smurfin’ good time!

Editor’s note: We have no idea if Smurfs’ can actually sunburn, but if they do, they probably turn purple and smell like blueberry pie. Mmmmm, pie.