inFamous Anarchy – Game Introduction

inFamous Anarchy is a Facebook game developed by Mob Science that puts your survival skills to the test in a post-apocalyptic world. Gamezebo’s inFamous Anarchy strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you defeat your opponents.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • inFamous Anarchy is played on Facebook and you will need to have a current account to play. If you need to register for a free account click here –
  • Once you have a Facebook account you are ready to play and can click on the “Free – Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • You will be asked to give permission to allow the developer to post messages on your profile page at Facebook. Click on “Allow” and proceed to the game.
  • After watching the short intro animation, your old buddy Zeke will walk you through a short tutorial, explaining the basics of the game.
  • inFamous Anarchy generally revolves around four main activities:
  1. Rebuilding and improving your own neighborhood.
  2. Farming amps and earning cash.
  3. Taking on missions.
  4. Visiting your buddy Zeke.
  5. Building a network of friends fighting other players

Basics 1: Rebuilding and Improving Your Neighborhood

Part of living in a post-apocalyptic wasteland is rebuilding your life, or in this case, your neighborhood. Your neighborhood starts out with just a power plant and an apartment, and the rest is basically up to you.

inFamous Anarchy

When you open the shop-menu, there are several tabs of items you can purchase. The items in the “Decor” tab and the “Landscape” tab can be used to make your neighborhood look more to your taste, but do not have an actual impact on the gameplay.

In the “Buildings” tab, you get to choose from a range of buildings. As you proceed through the game and level up, more buildings will become available and give you a wider set of options. When you move your mouse over a building, you can check its statistics. That way, you can choose whether you want to pay relatively more for amps in exchange for faster charging, or if you don’t mind waiting a little longer and get a cheaper deal.

inFamous Anarchy

From time to time, you will encounter electrical waste and monsters in your neighborhood. To defeat a monster, or clean the waste, simply click on it a number of times. When you move your mouse over it, you will see how many clicks it takes. After defeating a monster, or cleaning electrical waste, you will be rewarded.

inFamous Anarchy

When you start the game, it will seem like you have only very limited energy to perform tasks. Don’t worry though: as you level up, you will get more energy. Further, if you go to your profile (bottom left corner, character profile), you can use your skill points to improve your stamina, which will shorten the time to replenish energy.

Another option to earn energy is to get your power plant to work. If you ask your friends to fill the staff positions — they don’t actually have to do anything, they just need to accept the invitation — your power plant will start producing 12 extra energy you can use every day. If you can not find enough friends to fill the positions, you can also buy Facebook credits to staff the plant.

inFamous Anarchy

Basics 2: Farming Amps and Earning Cash

Earning cash in inFamous Anarchy can be done in a number of ways, but the main source of cash comes from charging the buildings in your neighborhood with amps. As with choosing which building to build, choosing which crop to farm (from the “Farming” tab in the store menu) depends on which value-to-money ratio you prefer. If you wait too long before collecting the amps, the crops will expire and you only get a little bit of cash back.

inFamous Anarchy

Basics 3: Taking on Missions

On the left of your screen, you can always see a number of icons. These are missions: you can choose to undertake them at any moment, but whether or not you take on a mission right away or have it wait for a later moment, does not matter.

inFamous Anarchy

Missions will often take you to other parts of the map. In order to travel between districts, click on the map icon on the bottom right and choose the district you want to go to. Even after finishing missions, you can always return to a district to earn more experience, cash, and other items by performing tasks there.

Basics 4: Visiting Your Buddy Zeke

On the bottom of the screen, you see icons of all your inFamous Anarchy friends, including Zeke. When you visit any friend, including Zeke, you have five energy each day to spent on actions. If you visit Zeke, these actions are kind of limited, but they are worth your time nevertheless.

inFamous Anarchy

At Zeke’s gas station, you can collect cash, harvest a coal square for two amps, and revive a fuel cell square or a photovoltaic panel square for 25 cash.

If you visit Zeke’s shop, you can trade in collectibles you gather during your adventure for a variety of items, such decor, buildings, and armor.

inFamous Anarchy

When you perform certain tasks quickly after another, a little green meter at the top-right of your screen will pop up. If you keep filling it up, you will receive a cash bonus, and sometimes also extra collectibles.

Basics 5: Building a Network of Friends and Fighting Other Players

In inFamous Anarchy, having friends is very important. It’s a dangerous world out there, being post-apocalyptic and all, and you can always be attacked by other players. However, if you recruit friends to join your team, you will be stronger in both offensive and defensive battles against other players.

When you are attacked, you will automatically be notified of this, and be given a chance to take revenge. If you attack someone out of revenge, this will be considered a morally good attack. If you want to attack someone else, this will be considered a morally evil attack. To attack someone, click on the fight icon in the bottom right corner to see a list of people you can visit for a fight. To engage in a fight, simply click on the character walking in their district.

inFamous Anarchy

The outcome of a fight is determined by three statistics: the number of friends you have, the strength of your character, and the clothes you are wearing. Whoever wins on at least two of these three statistics will win the fight. In case a statistic is tied between both players, the player doing a morally good attack will be given the advantage.

inFamous Anarchy


You have completed the quick start guide for inFamous Anarchy by Mob Science. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.