4 Elements II – New video and screenshots!

Playrix has released a snazzy new video that shows off its upcoming match-3 puzzle game sequel 4 Elements II.

Along with some screenshots, which you can check out here.

Features of 4 Elements II, the sequel to 4 Elements, will include:

  • 4 adorable faeries of four elements to set free
  • 16 magic cards to collect
  • 64 unique match levels
  • 4 quests
  • Tons of brain-teasers
  • iSpy, spot-the-difference and other types of mini-games
  • Achievements

The game is expected to launch in July.

Playrix posts 4 Elements II concept art

Playrix has gone public with some new information about the follow-up to its fantasy puzzle game 4 Elements. 4 Elements II will be coming out in late fall, 2010, and the story will focus on saving the four elemental fairies (Earth, Water, Fire, Air) that have been trapped inside the Book of Magic by a wizard’s careless magic.

4 Elements II

According to Playrix: “In general, compared to the flagship title, the sequel has been enriched with more characters: instead of one fairy like in the original, there are now four, all personified and animated. They lead players through the game and move the story forward. Each one has a unique personality which is reflected on what tasks she’d help the player with, and which communication style she would use when addressing the player.”

Head over to Playrix’s game development blog to check out concept art for the four fairies and the wizard.