War. What is it good for? Well, when it comes to Facebook games, a whole lot of strategy fun. War-themed strategy games have been popping up all over the social network lately, and surprisingly many of them are great. So great that we had to pile them into a list. Whether you’re looking for a slower, more methodical pace or something much faster, this list has you covered.

Empires & Allies – leave it to Zynga to take a relatively niche genre and turn it into something huge. Though it’s only been out for less than a month, Empires & Allies is already the third most popular game on Facebook, and it’s edging ever closer to FarmVille thanks to its mix of CityVille-style city building and engaging turn-based combat.

Army Attack – taking cues from the Advance Wars series, Army Attack not only features fun, quasi-turn-based combat, it’s also got plenty of charm thanks to its cast of over-the-top heroes and villains rendered in a wonderful cartoon art style. It’s a lighthearted take on the genre, which makes it much more approachable than most games.

Atomic Strike – unlike the other games on this list, Atomic Strike is a real time strategy game, which means it relies on fast reflexes and quick thinking. But it’s also a game with a lot of depth, making it east to lose hours and hours playing.

Global Warfare – if Kabam is known for noting else, it’s for bringing incredibly deep experiences to Facebook. And Global Warfare is no different. The game blends the depth that the developer is known for with an enhanced focus on multiplayer play and player vs player combat. And it wraps it all up in a compelling, post-apocalyptic setting.

City of Might – not to be outdone, developer Playdom will soon be getting in on the military action as well. Though City of Might hasn’t been released yet, its multiplayer focused alliances, which allow you to join together with other players to fight enemies and compete in tournaments, have us intrigued, And with a release window of this summer, it shouldn’t be long before we finally get to play it.

Risk: Factions – this one’s also not out just yet, but given Playfish’s history and the fact that most strategy games take elements from Risk anyways, we’re going to give it the benefit of the doubt. Suprisingly, the game seems to be taking a somewhat goofy approach to world domination, by featuring not only zombies, but also donkeys with cannons strapped to their backs. Now that’s war.