The popular plantation board game Puerto Rico is heading to the App Store

Amongst board game enthusiasts, there are some titles that stand head and shoulders above the rest. Catan. Carcassonne. Ticket to Ride. And of course, Puerto Rico. But unlike the first three games mentioned, Puerto Rico‘s popular plantation challenge has yet to make an appearance on the App Store. Worry no more, board game aficionados! Codito Development is bringing this modern board game classic to the iPad.

Taking place on the titular Caribbean island during the days of colonial expansion, players take the role of governor and attempt to win victory points by owning buildings, growing crops, and shipping goods on the high seas back to the Old World.

Puerto Rico

Puerto Rico

In addition to Puerto Rico, Codito development has a number of big board games lined up for iOS release. Gamers can expect App Store releases of Through the Ages, Le Havre, El Grande, Tigris & Euphrates, Age of Industry, Spectacle, and A Brief History of the World. Other digital adaptations of board games by Codito, such as Ra, Medici and Tikal, have already been released, and have received much praise from the board gaming community.

Admittedly, as much of as board game geek as I may be in my daily life, I still haven’t mustered up the courage to try Puerto Rico. That’s one of the great things about all of the App Store board game releases – you can try a game, complete with a built-in tutorial, AI, and online opponents, all for the fraction of the price of a print release. These provide a great “try before you buy” opportunity for board gamers who would otherwise have to sink $50 or more into some of these titles just to give them a shot.

There’s no word on exactly when Puerto Rico is going to hit the App Store, however Codito has confirmed that the game has been submitted to the current rights holder Ravensburger for approval. Expect this one to hit the iPad first, followed by a release for the iPhone and iPod Touch at a later date.