Guess what Sir Mix-A-Lot is thinking in the Mix N Match Game

With the current state of celebrity gossip, we know way more about actors, musicians, and athletes than we probably should. But Sir Mix-A-Lot doesn’t seem to think we know quite enough about him, and so has teamed up with Giant Thinkwell on a new Facebook game called Mix N Match. The premise is simple: guess what Sir Mix-A-Lot is thinking, and earn points if you’re right. But is it enough to sustain an entire game?

I first learned about Mix N Match in a less than ordinary way: Mix himself appealed to us at Gamezebo through a personalized video message.

The game itself essentially boils down to guessing. Your given a question and two possible answers, and the goal is to pick whichever answer you think Mix would’ve picked. Just think to yourself WWSMAD. The questions are bundled together into groups of eight, and each group has a particular theme, like “What would Mix think is worse?”

Most of the questions are fun, and as you move through the groups they start to get a little bit NSFW, so this is definitely a game for adults. But at the same time, this isn’t a game that requires any skill or knowledge. You’re literally just making guesses, and much of the time you have know way of knowing which is the right answer.

Mix N Match Game

Mix N Match Game

You earn points from those right answers, though, and these can then be used to win real-world prizes, such as a personalized video message or a trip in a Lamborghini with Sir Mix-A-Lot. Bonus points can be earned by sending questions to your friends and guessing what they’ll answer.

The core of the game is very simple, and so the appeal lies almost entirely in the sense of humor. The questions are funny, and a goofily animated Sir Mix-A-Lot will either cheer you on or insult you depending on whether you answer correctly or not. It’s certainly good for a few laughs, but the question is whether or not the Mix N Match game will be able to survive as more than just a celebrity-themed gimmick.