Dhaila’s Adventures

Dhaila’s Adventures is a third-person action/adventure game featuring Dhaila, a young fairy whose powers are bound to nature. Developer Wild Games Studio recently released a lengthy gameplay trailer that shows off some of the open-ended game world as well as Dhaila’s powers. Check it out behind the cut.

The most interesting part of the trailer demonstrates Dhaila’s unique ability to absorb the DNA of the creatures around her and actually assume their forms at will.

According to Wild Games Studio, Dhaila’s Adventures will feature large dungeons filled with puzzles, monsters and traps, as well as co-operative play that allows a second person to take control of another character that helps Dhaila through certain puzzles.

Dhaila’s Adventures should be launching in October 2011 for PC and Mac, as well as Xbox 360 and PlayStation 3.