Fish Odyssey to bring jumping dolphins to the App Store later this month

Do you dream of assisting endangered species escape hunters and, thus, make the world a better place? If so, good news! It turns out that there’s about to be an app for that. Napoleon Games Fish Odyssey not only looks like it’s going to be absolutely adorable, but it’s all about helping the environment.

The game is a fairly simple game of jumping and avoidance. Players have to help various species of marine life escape a deadly fishing ground and escape out to sea. The fish swim up a river that’s been divided into a number of lanes, across the screen in order to raise a player’s score. As mile markers are passed, more and more fish appear on the screen at a time.

Fish Odyssey

Fish Odyssey

The jumping and avoidance comes into play when waves coast into the fishies’ paths. Players have to tap a lane to make a fish jump, double-jump, and/or triple-jump to leap over them. This may sound a bit daunting at first, but it turns out that the sun sparkling on the water actually helps players with their timing.

If you’re not fast enough, a fish will get stuck in a wave and can get dragged off the screen (supposedly to their doom). Players can get away with letting a few fish die before the game officially ends. However, getting stuck in a wave isn’t an immediate death sentence. Provided the wave hasn’t moved off screen, players can rescue fish by sliding a finger across the screen; this frees a fish and lets them continue on their journey towards freedom.

Currently, there’s only a single-player mode planned for the game. No leaderboards or online community has been revealed, but players will be able to unlock up to twelve different in-game achievements as they play through this one.

Fish Odyssey is due out on June 23rd for all iOS devices.