Memoir ’44 Online brings the popular World War II board game to the digital world

When it comes to modern board games, few names are as big as Days of Wonder. With series like Ticket to Ride and Small World under their belts, their catalogue reads like a veritable who’s who of must-own games. What’s more, they’ve been making a bit of a splash in the digital world with successful releases like Ticket to Ride Online, as well as iPad versions of Small World and Ticket to Ride. Now Days of Wonder is looking to make a virtual splash during the days of World War II, with the newly released Memoir ’44 Online.

Available as a digital download for PC, Mac, and Linux desktops, Memoir ’44 Online offers gamers the chance to experience this popular two-player board game without any of the hassle of setup or struggle of finding another person to play with.

Memoir '44 Online

Memoir '44 Online

Memoir '44 Online

But what exactly is Memoir ’44? Originally released in 2004, Memoir ’44 is a light war game that puts players in command of tanks, infantry, and artillery as they recreate some of the most pivotal battles of World War II. Unlike most war games, Memoir’ 44 was designed with accessibility in mind. Thanks to a simple dice rolling mechanic and limited decision making, the game ends up feeling far less intimidating than most war games on the market. It’s a breath of fresh air for those of us who love the History Channel just as much as we love our casual board games.

The download itself is free and comes with 50 Gold Ingots, Memoir ’44 Online‘s in-game currency. You’ll need to spend these Ingots to initialize games, however, which is where the game’s pay per play model comes in. Still – with most scenarios costing 2 or 3 Ingots, the 50 you get for free should offer you more than enough to see if Memoir ’44 is the online turn-based war game for you.

The game will also reward players who jump into the fray more often, as completing matches against real opponents will translate into experience that will level players up, earning them different military ranks. Players hoping for unlockable achievements will also be delighted by what’s on offer here, with challenges ranging from “roll four grenades in a single dice roll” to “played a scenario on its historical date” waiting to be completed.

We haven’t quite had a chance to go hands-on with Memoir ’44 Online just yet, but knowing Days of Wonder’s track record, there’s little room for concern. Whether you’re a fan of the series or a new recruit making their way to the front lines for the first time, be sure to write a user review and let us know what you think!