Monster Pet Shop will give players the key to a monstrously cute store

What do you get when you combine Tamagotchi-style virtual pets, a little bit of Monster Rancher, and some social collection elements? Why, you get Monster Pet Shop, a new title from Capcom’s casual mobile division, Beeline Interactive.

The basic premise in this upcoming social offering is that players inherit a bizarre pet shop that deals exclusively with monsters. Between collecting, breeding, raising, and selling these strange creatures, they’ll have their hands full. Oh, and it’s in players’ best interests to regularly check in on the population of their pet shop; if they’re neglected, the monsters will run away in search of a better owner.

Monster Pet Shop

Monster Pet Shop

Monster Pet Shop

There will be a ton of different monsters to raise, too. Monster types include air, dirt, and water. At launch there will be twenty different types of monsters, with over a hundred different breeding combinations.

When the game starts off, players are provided with one free monster egg to place in an incubator. Once the egg hatches, the monsters will be placed in one of four different habitats where it can live until it’s adopted. If players don’t want to wait for an incubator to hatch an egg, they can purchase in-game currency, “monster berries,” and use it to speed up the process.

Because this is a social game, players aren’t limited to breeding just the monsters they own. They’ll also have the option to cross breed the creatures with the ones their friends own.

Capcom and Beeline have yet to announce an actual release date, but iOS gamers can expect to see the Monster Pet Shop out “soon.”