Get one second of hand’s-on time with Fruit Ninja Frenzy

We already knew that Fruit Ninja Frenzy, the Facebook adaptation of the addictive iPhone arcade game, was going to focus on short, Bejeweled Blitz-style play sessions. The game still isn’t available, but you can get an oh-so-brief hands-on experience with it right now. How brief? Less than a second.

If you head over to the game’s app page you’ll be able to test out the slicing controls by performing one single slice of a pineapple, before you’re abruptly booted out. It’s hard to gather much from such a short session, but it does appear that the game is shaping up nicely. The 3D pineapple looks great, and the slicing motion feels pretty smooth.

Hopefully the release of a demo, no matter how brief it is, means that we’ll be able to start slicing and dicing fruits on Facebook very soon. Stay tuned to Gamezebo for more details on Fruit Ninja Frenzy.

Fruit Ninja Frenzy