Digital game portal GamersGate has announced the upcoming launch of FreeGames, a free-to-play ad supported platform for PC and Mac games that will let players enjoy titles free of charge after watching a short advertisement. Gamers will be able to have up to five games available for free on their account at any time with the capability to add additional games.

“The new service offers the best of both worlds for both gamers and publishers,” said Theodore Bergquist, CEO at GamersGate. “Gamers can play games for free, catch up on franchises or try a game out before they buy. Publishers will receive ad revenue while expanding their audience. We’ve always been at the forefront of the digital delivery business and I’m confident that our new service will help reshape the industry.”

A “large portion” of GamersGate’s 3,000+ titles should be available in the ad-supported model in time for the launch of FreeGames, according to the company.

FreeGames will be launching in September, with beta sign-up opening in mid-June.