When Pulse: Volume One was released last month, we loved the game’s unique take on the music genre. It was something that could only be played on the iPad, and it felt like a perfect fit for the system. There was only one problem: there weren’t enough songs. Clocking in at a grand total of 8 tracks, you could hear every outstanding tune in less than 20 minutes. The developers are seeking to rectify that today, and have released an update to bring 4 new tunes into the mix.

“From the get-go, we promised to release a handful of free levels every month featuring new songs from independent musicians of all genres, local to the Philadelphia area,” says the development team at Cipher Prime. “We weren’t kidding. As promised, we have just released our first free update for Pulse : Volume One, featuring FOUR fabulous new levels! We also packed the game with 50% more mega-tons of awesome!”

Players can enjoy the following four songs, each created exclusively for the game by local Philly musicians;

  • Klokwerk, by Cooper and the Fantastic Machine
  • Tidbits, by George and Jonathan
  • Veedja, by Ghost Fight
  • Follow my Voice, by Zilla Persona

“Each one of these artists hasn’t just contributed music to Pulse, they created brand new musical works specifically for the game and we couldn’t be happier with the results. In our eyes, these guys are true rock stars.”

The four song update is available now in the App Store for free to owners of Pulse: Volume One. If you’re an artist interested in contributing a track to a future edition of Pulse, you can reach the right folks by e-mailing pulse@cipherprime.com.