Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset Coming Soon from Aldorlea Games

The fourth episode in the Millennium RPG saga is nearing completion, and Aldorlea Games sent us a preview. Read on to learn about what you have to look forward to in Millennium 4: Beyond Sunset.
 Beyond Sunset

Here’s more about the game from developer Aldorlea Games:

“In this new episode of the Millennium saga, Marine is feeling more than ever the clock ticking on her as the deadline (she has to find the final 4 warriors she needs in order to enlist herself as a contender to the elections in the town of Mystrock) is rapidly approaching!
 Beyond Sunset
However, Marine is not only fighting time itself! Her registration isn’t well seen by the Mystrock warriors currently in power and they’ll do all they can to prevent her from accomplishing this goal, even if that means going against Lord Dragon’s (their leader) wishes!

 Beyond Sunset
With most of the land of Myst already explored Marine heads now to the Southern Territory and the Unknown Lands where she’ll come across the Elder Shrine of Myst, the Guild of Ancients and the poor town of Tabutu.”

 Beyond Sunset

Features of Beyond Sunset include:

  • 4 difficulty levels
  • Choice of visible or invisible monster encounters
  • Choice of having your path in the game guided by arrows that indicate you which direction to take
  • Options Menu, Party Switcher Menu and Questbook Log
  • Regular or fast battle speed
  • In-game tutorial
  • Mouse support
  • 18 characters
  • 20+ quests
  • 6 animal kings
  • 20+ secret rooms
  • Original artworks, graphics and music