Tiny Tower gets a trailer and a release window

Building a skyscraper is hard work. But building a game about building a skyscraper? That’s even harder. Since we first previewed Tiny Tower back in March, the team at Nimblebit have been hard at work getting the game prepped for launch. Now that they’re a little further along, they’ve been so kind as to prepare a trailer to whet your appetite even further.

In addition to the trailer, Tiny Tower has gotten something else too – a release window. Nimblebit is aiming to bring this one to the App Store sometime in late June/early July.

Build a tower to the sky in NimbleBit’s next game, Tiny Tower

If you’re not familiar with the name NimbleBit by now, you’re definitely familiar with their work. The team at NimbleBit were responsible for last year’s mega-hit social game Pocket Frogs, not to mention early iOS hits like Dizzypad and Scoops. Now the developers are gearing up for their sophomore social effort, and this time they have their eyes on the skies.

Tiny Tower is NimbleBit’s upcoming freemium offering in which players will build floor after floor in a new building, stocking each with new businesses like movie theatres, sushi bars, and barber shops, as well as a variety of residences. The game will also sport some great pixel art, and will employ a freemium business model just like Pocket Frogs did.

Tiny Tower Tiny Tower

Tiny Tower Tiny Tower

Little more is known about the title at this time, but the developers have been kind enough to release the following description that should help to whet players appetites;

“Tiny Tower tasks you with constructing and managing a tower populated with bitizens and businesses. Put your bitizens to work and keep your businesses stocked to earn enough revenue to expand your tower skyward. Unlock and collect one hundred plus floor blueprints that will make your tower stand out from the rest.”

While no release date has been confirmed yet, you can follow Tiny Tower right here on Gamezebo to be notified the moment the game hits the App Store.