Skillz: The DJ Game asks you to drop the beat later this summer

Until now, fans of music games like DJ Hero haven’t had many options of they wanted to take such titles on the go with them. It looks like this is about to change thanks to Skillz: The DJ Game.

Players will use virtual turntables to achieve mixing effects like scratches, crossfades, sample drop-ins, and remixes. There’s reportedly going to be a number of different game types, including casual track mixing and the mode to pursue a full-on career for one of the game’s six different DJ characters.

In addition to the basics which will be featured in the iPad and Android tablet versions of the game, the PC edition will feature a couple of unique game types: DJ Battle Mode and Freestyle Mode. In DJ Battle Mode, players get to compete against each other in head-to-head battles. Meanwhile, Freestyle Mode is being billed as a “direct simulation of a DJ’s setup”, which includes a DJ mixer, turntables, and a sampler. In this mode players will have access to all the game’s songs, and can even import their own music into the game to remix.

The game’s trailer also shows off some impressive visuals, including massive clubs and stadiums, as well as some fairly well-designed characters that look like they’re straight out of a modern console game.

 The DJ Game

 The DJ Game

 The DJ Game

On top of this, there will be a lot of music from top artists like Kid Cudi, Diplo, Crookers, People Under The Stairs, and Fedde Le Grand — Skillz is set to include over twenty different dance tracks. And while the game hasn’t actually launched yet, it’s already garnering some notable acclaim, winning an award at IGF China 2010 for excellence in audio.

Skillz: The DJ Game is due out later this summer for iPad, Android tablets, and Windows PC’s.