dream:scape gets a release date, new trailer, and screens

When last we looked in on dream:scape back in April, the upcoming Unreal-powered adventure was already undergoing the Apple approval process. The developers at Speedbump hit a speed bump of their own, however, as a memory bug caused them to go back to the drawing board and smooth things out. Now that everything has come together, the team behind dream:scape have pushed out a new video, screenshots, description – and best of all – a release date.



Gamers looking to get their hands on dream:scape will be able to step into this fantasy world on June 9th. And what is this fantasy world made up of? Speedbump’s website has been updated with a description that gives us our first real glimpse of the story;

Take on the role of Wilson, a coma patient relearning his past by exploring the dreamscape of his memories. Only there, in the lucid light of the subconscious, buried secrets are revealed, unravelling a decades-old mystery of tragedy, betrayal, and ultimately revenge.

Speculation around the internet seems to be that dream:scape will offer a Myst style adventure, though until someone gets a hands-on, nobody will really know for sure. Be sure to check back with us next week for our full review!

dream:scape to bring a healthy dose of Unreal gaming to the App Store

Despite its much-touted debut at an Apple press event last September, games that utilize the Unreal Engine on the App Store have been few and far between. With the exception of the free tech demo Epic Citadel, the only release we can even think of is Infinity Blade. That’s why we were so delighted this morning to get our hands on the trailer of a new Unreal-powered iOS game set to debut shortly, dream:scape.

Created by G. Norman Lippert, a writer best known for his work on the James Potter series of Harry Potter fan fiction stories, little is known about the game beyond what’s featured in the video above. The game’s creator describes dream:scape as “more than a game…an interactive storytelling experience,” and promises an open-world with more than 30 acres of territory to explore. “The tale unravels as the player explores, unlocking new areas and revealing secrets.”

Judging from some comments on Lippert’s Twitter and Facebook pages, dream:scape looks as though it’s currently undergoing the Apple approval process. Hopefully this means we’ll see dream:scape on the App Store sooner rather than later.