JollyWood – Game Introduction

JollyWood is a property management-style game where you are in charge of building the best tree house in the area. You will build all kinds of ladders and ramps leading to new and exciting facilities for your visitors to enjoy. This guide will help you familiarize yourself with the world of JollyWood so that you can make the most of your visit.

Quick Start Guide

Navigating the Screen


  • The left side of the screen lists all your current quests.
  • The top of the screen allows you to invite friends, read news about JollyWood,like the application, read the FAQ, send a gift, and check your inbox.
  • Below that are your stats. Your leaf balance is on the left. Your energy, supplies, and tree points are across the top and zest and joy are in the right corner.
  • At the bottom of the screen is your friend bar. You can invite friends to join the game here as well. You can also click on your friends avatars to visit their trees. If you click the – button on the right of the bar, you can make the bar disappear. You can bring it back by pressing the friend button.


  • Your main toolbar is at the very bottom of the screen. This section will go over what each item on the bar does.
  • JollyWood map: Clicking on the map brings up a map of the world. Currently, everything outside of Beech on a Hill is coming soon.
  • Coming soon!: There is nothing here at this time.


  • Manage tree: Here you can purchase build units, upgrade your store house, buy additional tree space, and add additional helper bees.
  • Shop: In the shop window you can purchase connectors, platforms, facilities, décor, and energy candies.


  • Inventory: Here you can view any items you have stored as well as gifts you have received.


  • Edit: The edit bar allows you to move items around on your screen, flip items to face the other direction, store items to your inventory, and sell items you no longer need.


  • Collections: Here you can view your collections and see what items you still need to find. You can also trade in your collections for rewards here.
  • Friends: This toggles the friend bar just like the – button does.
  • Save: Save and exit your game. The game also automatically saves at various intervals and when you exit the game.
  • Settings: This is where you can zoom in or out, turn off music and/or sound, change the quality level, and toggle full screen mode.

Getting Started

  • The first thing you will need to do is choose your avatar.
  • After the intro you will begin the tutorial phase that will walk you through the basics of JollyWood.
  • Your first task will be to build a connector. Click on shop at the bottom of the screen to bring up the shopping window. If it is not already selected, click the connector tab. Choose the ladder and place it on the ground. Click on it two times to finish building it.
  • Next, click on shop again and this time select the platform tab. The first platform you build will be highlighted for you. Select the platform and place it so that it is connected to your connector.
  • Your next step will be to build your first facility. Again, go to the shop and click on facilities tab. Select the library and place it on your platform. Click on it until it is fully built and then click it once more to deliver supplies to it.


  • Connectors: Connectors are the means of travel within your tree. You will be able to purchase ladders, bridges, slides, and numerous other connectors that will get your visitors from one area of your tree to another.
  • Platforms: Platforms are where you will be placing your facilities and décor items. Make sure they are connected to a connector or no one will be able to reach them.
  • Facilities: Facilities are where you will be spending and making the bulk of your leaves. Facilities provide food, drink, and entertainment to your visitors. Make sure you have a variety of them and that they are well stocked at all times.
  • Leaves: Leaves are the currency of JollyWood. You will need them to purchase everything from growing your tree, to financing supply trips, and everything in between.


  • Energy: You will need energy to complete tasks such as building and collecting from facilities and connectors. The only task that doesn’t require energy is restocking your facilities. Each action you perform will use one energy point. When you run out of energy you will either need to purchase more using Facebook credits, or wait for your energy to recharge.
  • Supplies: Supplies are essential to running a successful tree. When you run out of supplies at a given facility, your visitors will become angry and leave. You will need to send your helpers out on a regular basis to gather supplies.
  • Tree points: Tree points are the equivalent of experience points in JollyWood. You will collect tree points for collecting from your facilities, building new facilities and connectors, visiting neighbors and helping them out, and from completing quests. When you collect enough tree points you will level up. Leveling up will unlock new items and quests, reward you with additional leaves, and give an increase to your energy.
  • Joy: Joy is earned by decorating your tree. Each décor item will raise your joy by a specific amount. Be sure not to neglect your joy rating as it is what keeps your visitors coming back.
  • Zest: Zest determines how many visitors will visit your tree. You can increase your zest by leveling up and building new facilities.
  • Tree space: Every object in the game takes up one tree space. To gain more tree space you will need to save up your leaves so that you can upgrade your tree.
  • Build units: Even with additional tree space you will still need to purchase more build units. Upgrading your build units will allow you to place more connectors, platforms, and facilities.
  • Helper: Helpers are friendly creatures who look an awful lot like bees. They will assist you by going on trips and fetching supplies. You can purchase extra helper spots as you progress if you save up enough leaves.
  • Supplies: Used to stock your facilities. Without supplies, no one will visit your tree or spend their hard earned leaves there.
  • Store house: The store house holds your supplies. Remember to upgrade you store house so that it can hold additional supplies.

Earning Leaves

  • This section will go into detail about the various ways you can earn leaves in JollyWood.
  • Collect leaves from facilities and connectors. A golden leaf icon will appear over a facility or connector that is ready to be harvested.
  • Make sure you are utilizing the boost bar. When you collect from a facility or connector, leaves and/or tree points will pop out at you. If you ignore them they will be collected automatically, but if you click on them you will start the boost bar. The more leaves and tree points you pick up the more the boost bar will fill up. If you fill it several times in succession you will earn a leaf bonus. The bonus is dependant on how many times you filled the bar without it resetting. Be sure to click quickly though, or the bar will reset or the items will be automatically collected and won’t count towards the boost bar.
  • Check your avatar daily and click the red button above its head to see what your daily find is.
  • Be sure to visit your neighbors daily. You can perform five actions at each friend’s tree each day. These tasks can earn you leaves, tree points, and/or supplies.
  • Also, when visiting your friends, check and see what their daily find is for you.
  • Visit Ylloj every day. It’s the same idea as visiting your friends, but he tends to give more for his daily find.
  • Collect from connectors and facilities when visitors are nearby. Some visitors may start to glow and if you click on them they will give you a bonus tip.
  • You can also purchase leaves using Facebook Credits.

Maximizing Energy

  • Send gifts of energy to your friends and request that they send you energy back.
  • Visit your friends daily. You get free energy for the first visit to each friend each day. The more friends you have, the more energy you can earn.
  • Log-in at least once a day to earn your daily reward. Log in for five consecutive days and you could win an even bigger reward.
  • Sometimes energy will randomly drop when you are collecting from your connectors and facilities.
  • You can always wait for energy to recharge. Energy recharges at a rate of one point every three minutes.
  • You can purchase energy candies in the shop using Facebook Credits.



  • You will need supplies for your facilities if you are going to earn any leaves. To get additional supplies you will need to send you helper(s) out to get them. When you go to send them you will be given numerous options about where to send them. You will need to weigh the length of time they will be gone, how many supplies they will bring back, and the cost of the trip to determine which trip is best suited to your playing style. If you log in multiple times a day it may make more sense to send your helper(s) on shorter trips, bringing back fewer supplies. However, if you only log in once a day you could send them on a trip that brings back more supplies but may take 24 hours to complete.
  • Make sure to upgrade your store house size. If there isn’t enough room, your helper(s) won’t be able to unload the supplies and you won’t be able to send them back out until they can.
  • You can also earn supplies by visiting your friends and clicking on their helper(s). You will be rewarded with supplies instead of leaves. This is an excellent way to get supplies when you are out and your helper(s) haven’t returned yet.
  • If you have reached level nine and completed a specific quest, you can start going out on expeditions that can bring back supplies. Bring along your friends to find even more supplies.
  • Be sure to check your friends wall posts to see what they are offering.
  • Complete quests. Some quests will earn you supplies instead of, or along with, leaves and tree points.


  • You will be building a lot in JollyWood. These are some basic tips to get you started.


  • The first thing you need to do is build connectors. When a connector is placed properly the connection point will turn from red to green. To place the connector it must be connected to the ground or at least one platform. The other connection point will remain red until you connect it to something.
  • After placing your connector you will want to place a platform above it. When the platform is placed properly both the platform and the connection point on the connector will turn from red to green.


  • Once you’ve placed a platform, you can build a facility on it. Purchase your facility and place it on the connector.
  • Every item that you place (other than décor items) will need to be built. You build by clicking on the item. Some require two clicks, others require more. Each click will use up one energy point, but it will also earn you tree points. When you complete the item you will also be rewarded with some leaves.
  • Some items you build have additional requirements that must be met. Some connectors require additional materials. To get these materials you will either need to ask your friends to send them as gifts, or you can purchase them using Facebook Credits.
  • Some facilities will require that you hire staff members to run them. You can either purchase staff with Facebook Credits or you can ask your friends to help. You can only ask each friend once per day.
  • Once you have met all the additional requirements, click on your item again. Now you should be able to complete it.
  • If you see a no entry sign on one of your connectors it means that it is not properly connected to a platform. Use your edit tool to move things around until everything is connected.



  • Your current quests will be listed along the left side of your screen. When you complete a quest it will say complete next to it. Click on the quest icon to open the quest window and select complete quest to get your reward.


  • Completing quests will earn you some combination of leaves, tree points, and/or supplies.
  • You will earn more tree points for completing quests than you will just about anywhere else. Quests are vital to leveling up your avatar.

Interacting with Friends

  • Be sure to visit your neighbors everyday to earn leaves, tree points, supplies, and extra energy.
  • Each day you will be given five energy points to spend at each of your friends trees. You can use these points to visit their facilities, restock their facilities and assist their helpers.
  • The more friends you have to visit, the more leaves, tree points, and supplies you can earn.


  • Send your friends gifts everyday and request that they send you a gift in return.
  • Be sure to check your friends wall posts to see if they are offering bonuses.
  • Share news about completing quests and leveling up with your friends so that they can receive a bonus as well.

Visitors to Your Tree

  • Increasing your zest will attract more visitors to your tree. Maintaining your joy level will keep them coming back.
  • Make sure your facilities are stocked and that there are enough of them. Otherwise, your visitors may become angry and you zest will drop.
  • Your friends will hopefully be visiting your tree as well. If you see and avatar glowing blue, click on them and accept their help. They will assist you with your tree and you won’t lose any energy. You will still earn your leaves and tree points, though.


  • You have completed the quick start guide for JollyWood by Tecmo Koei. Be sure to check back often for game updates, Staff and user reviews, user tips, forum comments, and much more here at Gamezebo.