Herofy is a medieval match-3 with a few neat twists

What was once a peaceful and prosperous kingdom is now a barren wasteland. The fertile fields were destroyed by the Evil Forces and everyone lives in fear. The brave knight, Bladarash, rode out to vanquish them but, alas, disappeared without a trace. In despair, the king sent out a message asking for one brave hero (or heroine, as the case may be) to finish what Bladarash had started and restore the kingdom to prosperity. You’ll take up the challenge in Herofy, using your match-3 skills to overcome all obstacles.

Herofy, an upcoming puzzle game from ApGames, features medieval-style graphics, music that definitely puts you in the mood to kick some demon butt, and match-3 gameplay that has some neat twists.


You get to choose whether to play as a hero or heroine, and have a choice of timed or untimed gameplay. You’ll make matches on fully rotatable game boards to navigate your way around, earn coins to purchase up to eight power-ups and view trophies you’ve collected during your exploits.

Based on the hands-on demo we played for the preview, levels revolve around finding the quickest route to a special door. On some levels you simply make matches to destroy purple tiles to unlock the door. On others, you open chests to find a key to unlock the door, and still others require you to mow down monsters guarding that door. Sounds simple, right? Well, gameplay is simple, but there’s a fair amount of strategizing, based on our test. You’ll need to decide if, and when, to turn the board, park yourself in a corner or go full steam ahead and set up matches so you can make the quickest route to get out the door.


Then, you also need to decide if you just want to blow through (might want to if you’re playing in timed mode), or take your sweet time (in untimed mode) and earn plenty of coins to purchase those power-ups, which range in price from 10 to 7,000 Coins. Decisions, decisions.

I particularly enjoyed the nice variety of game boards, purchasing power-ups and definitely loved the levels with the monsters. I spent time strategizing how to stay out of their way until I’d set things up so I could blow right by them with nary a scratch! This one looks to be a fun new match 3 game, which is scheduled to launch at the end of the month.