Mighty Fin gives fish exactly what they need: a vacation

In my bedroom I have two fairly sizable goldfish in a tank. I’ll often look over at them and think to myself how difficult the life of a pet fish must be. Endlessly swimming, trapped inside of four glass walls. And for a fish in the wild, it gets even worse. They need to hunt their own food, hide out from predators – it’s the underwater equivalent to Mad Max. So when a fish like Fin decides he needs a vacation, you can hardly blame him.

Set to release later this week, Mighty Fin is a fast-moving platform game all about buoyancy. After signing up for a vacation that will take him around the world, our hero Fin discovers there’s just as much danger on holiday as there is back at home. Players will guide Fin through 8 different locales as attempts to collect coins and avoid deadly obstacles.

We’ve had a chance to go hands-on with an early copy of Mighty Fin, and have definitely enjoyed what we’ve seen so far. The gaming press will no doubt be quick to draw comparisons to Tiny Wings upon release – both games control similarly, with players holding their fingers down to make Fin dive and lifting them to make him jump – but such simple comparisons will really sell short the unique differences that Mighty Fin has to offer.

Most notably, the game is less about trying to gain height and more about working against the resistance of the water. In this sense, the physics here are almost the inverse of Tiny Wings. More important than that though, Mighty Fin is a much more sizable offering. Each level has a beginning and an end, as well as an endless mode that can be unlocked upon its completion.

The game will also offer a series of costumes for Fin that can be collected throughout the levels. In our brief time with the game, we’ve already seen bunny ears, scuba gear, a baseball cap, and even a top hat with monacle.

Mighty Fin

Mighty Fin

Looking to get your feet wet with a new underwater friend? Mighty Fin will be launching on the iPhone on June 2nd for just 99 cents.