It wasn’t that long ago that Wooga announced that it had become the largest Facebook developer in Europe, and now the company is looking to grow even larger, thanks to a $24 million investment from Highland Capital Partners.

The developer, which has been behind hits such as Diamond Dash and Bubble Island, has grown quicky since its debut in 2009, starting with five employees before moving up to its current roster of 85. With the new investment, the team hopes to nearly double its current size.

“When we started the company everyone told us the competition was too intense, we would never make it, and now-two years later-we have three games in the top 20, making us the only developer besides Zynga which has more than two games in the top 20,” said CEO Jens Begemann.

“The phenomenal growth that we have achieved is a credit to the creativity and ingenuity of our team. Wooga’s success is based on having the best people, and we will use this funding to hire the most talented artists, game designers, and engineers. We intend to build the team to 150 employees by the end of 2011, hiring two new employees per week.”

The company has an ambitious 10 that it hopes will see it grow to be one of the largest gaming companies in the world, not just one of the largest on Facebook, by 2020.

“Social gaming is about to transform the entertainment industry and this funding gives us the means to lead that change,” added Begemann.