Tetris + Space Invaders = Mecapix

Anyone who played video games in the 1980s undoubtedly spent some time hooked on Tetris. Massive Finger, a studio out of Montreal, knows this and is about to release a new puzzle-shooter, Mecapix, that looks like it’ll have a ton of appeal for Tetris lovers.

The game is a bit of blend between classic shooters such as Space Invaders and falling block puzzle games like Tetris. Enemies are colored shapes -composed of colored blocks- that drop down from the top of the screen while players drag their fingers across the bottom to fire their own lines of blocks.

Based on the different shapes and patterns of enemies, players have to adapt their shooting strategies on the fly. On top of that, the game will boast three different worlds and twenty-seven different levels, not to mention “an army of relentless enemies, and memorable boss fights” according to the developer.

Based on the footage in the trailer, the game looks like it’s chocked full of gameplay that’ll both be challenging and insanely fast-paced.

While there won’t be any true online gameplay, players will have access to leaderboards and achievements via Apple’s Game Center so they can compare progress with their friends. On top of that, there’s also a second game mode called Arcade Mode: Endurance.

Mecapix Mecapix

Mecapix is set to launch on iOS devices on June 1st and will sell for $0.99.