Earlier this year Kabam, the developer behind games like Global Warfare and Kingdoms of Camelot, managed to raise $30 million in funding. And today the developer has announced an additional $85 million in funding, which brings the total amount raised to $125 million.

While Kabam is far from being the largest social games studio, it’s managed to make a name for itself by being one of the few to target hardcore gamers on Facebook successfully. Its games don’t have the largest number of users, but those users it does have are very dedicated.

“Kabam provides hardcore gamers using social networks two important benefits-a highly immersive, engaging game experience along with frictionless pricing and convenient access.,” Kabam CEO Kevin Chou said.

“We’ve tapped into a major shift in hardcore gamer behavior, as we create compelling social gaming experiences for traditionalconsole and PC gamers. This round of funding enables us to build long term franchises and invest in amazing gaming experiences for our customers. We have a full pipeline of games and look forward to sharing more exciting news about our upcoming titles as we move through the year.”

In the past 16 months the company has grown dramatically, going from 25 employees up to around 400. And with this size comes more games, as Kabam says that it’s planning to release at least five more games on Facebook this year, and that’s not including the recently launched Global Warfare.