Paper Monsters to bring platforming prettiness to the App Store

If childhood taught us anything, it was that paper and cardboard (combined with a healthy imagination) was far more fun to play with than expensive toys. Developer Robots vs. Wizards seems to be aware of this, and is looking to capitalize on this fact in their upcoming platformer Paper Monsters.

The game is a 2.5D platformer with what look like absolutely adorable graphics. Players control strange little characters as they run through landscapes constructed out of various paper products (which includes, but aren’t limited to, cardboard tubes and boxes). Aside from the standard run/bounce/jump/swim/fly platform action, there will also be power-ups like fire-breathing dragons and flying bug suits.

Paper Monsters

Paper Monsters

Visually, this looks like the closest thing gamers will get to playing Sony’s LittleBigPlanet on iOS devices. While it’s being released for all the Apple platforms, players will be able to switch between them without a problem. That’s right – players will be able to save their progress across multiple devices via Game Center.

Originally this game featured some fairly simplistic graphics when development began, but a liberal amount of polish has been applied since Crescent Moon Games decided to get involved with the title. Based on the current batch of screenshots this was a great decision, as things look pretty amazing. The game is going to be released with HD graphics for Retina displays, too.

At the moment, Pocket Monsters doesn’t have a release date or a price. Based on how things look, though, it seems safe to assume that the title will arrive in the App Store sometime relatively soon. What will be interesting to see is if players will have the option to create and share custom levels with the rest of the iOS community, just as LittleBigPlanet gamers have been able to do on the PlayStation Network. If that does turn out to be an option, then it wouldn’t be surprising if the game turns out to be a massive hit.