Game Introduction – My Clinic

My Clinic is a social game from Game Insight for the iPad. Using the latest medical technology along with your knowledge, you will have to heal sick patients in your clinic. Not every patient is the same however, and there could be extra steps you need to take. No worries here though, as Gamezebo’s quick start guide has everything you need to know before diving into your own clinic.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • In order to get started and playing My Clinic for your iPad, you’ll first need to download it by clicking the “Play Now” button at the top of this page.
  • Once the game has finished installing, you can find it on the home screen of your iPad. Tap the icon labeled “My Clinic” to start playing.
  • Now that you have launched the game, you will need to do a few things to get started. There will also be a tutorial to guide you through the basics. Let’s go over these few items now.

Gameplay Basics

  • Upon the first startup of the game, you will need to name your clinic. Pick a good name, and then press OK to continue.
  • Now a tutorial window will pop-up informing you of what you need to do next.
  • On the bottom left corner of the screen, there is an icon labeled “Patients”. The first thing you should do is open that up so we can get a good look at the patients that currently need your help to get better.
  • A list should pop-up now, along with a description of what each patient needs in order to be cured. For an example, let’s look at the ‘Amateur Spy’ case.

My Clinic

  • Amateur Spy is the case of elderly Ms. Jones who has frostbite on her ears from eavesdropping on her neighbors outside. To cure her requires one doctor, a desk, will take 15 seconds, and will reward you with an amount of money in the middle of $50 to $100. The amount of XP you will receive depends on how far you have mastered the case. As you can see in the screenshot just above, I have already mastered the case and will therefore receive no XP.
  • Tap on the ‘Treat’ button now. The Amateur Spy case will now appear along the right side of the screen and is now counting down.
  • A boost screen should have also appeared now. These boosts should mainly be used for more severe cases that take much longer to cure.
  • After a few seconds, the treatment should now be complete. Tap on the Amateur Spy icon on the right side of the screen. Now tap the ‘Complete $’ button to finish the case. You will now be paid and can move on to the next patient.
  • Note: You can have as many patients as your rooms can hold and as many doctors you have.

My Clinic

  • For more severe cases such as the ‘Cherry Shooter’ case where Helen was shot by a cherry stone, you will need 5 doctors to heal her, and it will take 55 minutes to complete. Of course, the more severe the case, the better your XP and cash reward will be.

Hiring Additional Help

  • Again, you will likely need more nurses as time passes and luckily you do have a few options when it comes time to hire some.

My Clinic

  • Tap the ‘Hire’ button at the bottom part of the screen to bring up the hiring menu. You will now be shown an array of doctors you can hire, along with a small description about them. Don’t worry; the descriptions don’t actually depict one’s work ethic. All doctors are created equal in My Clinic.
  • All of the doctors shown on the left side of the menu will only cost you cash while doctors on the right will cost gold coins (premium currency). Keep that in mind when hiring because you only have a few gold coins to start with and it will cost you real money to replenish.
  • Another tab shown here is the ‘Hire Friends’ tab. If you have friends currently playing My Clinic, you can hire them to work in your clinic.

Shopping and Delivering New Items

  • The Shop menu shown at the bottom of the screen allows you to shop for additional boosts without being in a patient’s window.
  • Boosts in the shop menu are broken up into different parts: Morale, Efficiency, Personnel, Delivery, Treatment, Research and Miscellaneous.

My Clinic

  • Note: You may only have one boost per category active at one time.
  • Morale boosts tend to boost your morale and make your staff much happier, Efficiency will make your staff work quicker, Personnel will aid you in your employee searches, Delivery will speed up delivery times for items, Treatment is where you can find the same boosts that are used on specific cases, Research will boost the time it takes to research new diagnoses, and Miscellaneous boosts have boosts that can revive expired treatments and others that can speed up delivery time and more.
  • Delivery of new items is sometimes necessary in order to cure new cases. Tap on the ‘Rooms’ option to access this menu.

My Clinic

  • In here you will see all of the equipment you currently have on-hand as well as what is available to purchase in your room. If a new case requires a certain item, you can purchase it in here and it will take some time to be delivered (provided you do not use a boost).
  • Once the equipment has been delivered, you will automatically receive it in your room and it can be used in a case immediately.

Collections and Upgraded Hospitals

  • Collections are available at the bottom of the screen, and can reward you with special decorations if you manage to complete them.

  • The most difficult part of that process is collecting the items. When they drop appears to be completely random and rare, so you will likely have to play for quite a long time before completing any of these collections. If you really would like the decoration however, you can whip out your wallet at any time and flat out purchase any of these collections instantly.
  • As your hospital becomes increasingly more well-known, you will find that you’ll have more patients than your current clinic can handle.

My Clinic

  • In that case, you can always upgrade to a new building by tapping the “Buildings” icon at the bottom of the screen. In order to upgrade to a larger clinic, you will likely need to be a certain level and will need to have a certain number of friends and employees to purchase the upgrades.
  • Once you have met the requirements, go ahead and tap the Buy button. Now you will just have to wait for the new place to be built and you’ll be on your way!


My Clinic

  • You have completed the quick start guide for My Clinic on iPad. Now that you’ve had your dose, you can share your knowledge with your patients. For more guides plus reviews, previews, news and more, keep checking back with Gamezebo.