Holding hands makes us feel safe

Every now and then, we all have bad days. But all it takes to make things better is for someone to hold our hand. Developer 10 Tons Ltd knows this, which is why they’re bring us Joining Hands, a new puzzle game for the iPhone that looks both smart and heart-warming.

The basic gameplay revolves around players making Peablins (small creatures who live in the Whispering Woods) happy. The Peablins, it turns out, believe that so long as they are holding hands with someone else the Bogeyman can’t touch them. As a result, it’s up to players to get all the little fellows to hold hands.

Players have to rearrange the Peablins in a level so they’re all holding hands. However, all the Peblins’ hands have to be joined, which becomes increasingly challenging thanks to the fact that different types of Peblins have different numbers of limbs.

Visually, the game fits the fairy-tale tone of the story. The woods in the background look appropriately dark and threatening, while the Peablins themselves cute, cartoony things who change expressions when they’re able to hold their friends’ hands.

At the moment, over seven dozen levels are being promised, with variable difficulties from easy to “brain toasting”. On top of that, more levels will be released in the first update for the game.

Joining Hands

Joining Hands

Joining Hands is going to be released for both the iPhone and iPad, but it will be ported to other systems later on. No official release date has been announced, but 10 Tons is promising that it will be coming to the App Store “soon.”