Game Introduction – Epic Gladiator

Epic Gladiator is an iPhone game developed by Critical Hit Software that lets manage and battle gladiators. Gamezebo’s Epic Gladiator strategy guide and walkthrough will provide you with a quick start guide, tips and tricks, hints and cheats to help you defeat your opponents.

Quick Start Guide

Getting Started

  • You can download Epic Gladiator for your iOS device by following the “play now!” link at the top of this page.
  • The game uses Game Center for multiplayer and leaderboards and will sign you in automatically, if you have an account.
  • When you first start you’ll need to choose a slave to start out with. Though they’ll all cost the same, each fighter has different stats, so choose carefully: your first fighter is very important.

Stepping Into the Ring

  • Epic Gladiator is all about fighting. To enter into battle simply select the “fight” option from the bottom menu. Here you’ll be presented with three options:

Epic Gladiator

  • Regular – these are the standard gladiator fights, and they come in varying difficulty levels. When you select the option you’ll be then taken to a list of all your gladiators. The top of the screen will tell you how many you’re allowed to take into battle. Once you choose who is going to fight you can pick from the normal, heroic, or Olympian difficulty levels. These scale with the level of your fighters. The more challenging difficulty you choose, the higher the rewards.

Epic Gladiator

  • Arena – this is where you can fight the various champions in the game. They’re essentially the bosses, though you can fight them multiple times. As you progress more and more will open up to fight against. Unlike normal fights, you can get the details of your opponent here so that you’ll know whether or not you’re ready to take on the challenge. Many of the later battles feature numerous foes to fight at once.
  • Online – here you can fight against friends. To do this you’ll need to be registered with Game Center and have friends who are also playing the game.
  • Once you enter into battle the fight goes on automatically, with the the winner determined based on character stats. Which takes us to the next part of the guide…

Epic Gladiator

  • Note – unlike Ancient Rome, you don’t have to worry about dying in Epic Gladiator. If you lose your fighters will be back to fight another day.

Building up Your Fighters

  • Gladiators earn experience points by winning battles, which helps them increase levels as well as unlock new content. But getting stronger also requires something much less exciting: training. You can (and should!) train your fighter in four different categories:

Epic GladiatorEpic Gladiator

  • Strength – naturally increases how much damage your attacks cause.
  • Agility – determines your ability to both hit and avoid being hit.
  • Endurance – increases your available health points.
  • Wits – also improves your ability to hit and avoid being hit, but it also provides bonuses when fighting in groups of more than just one.
  • When you tap on an ability you’ll see a brief description of it at the top, as well as your gladiator’s current level. Below that is a bar called success chance, which determines how likely it is that your training will be successful. This goes down the more you train, but slowly fills back up over time.
  • Training also costs both gold and vitality.

  • Vitality – is one of the most important stats in the game. It’s required for training and, unlike health, it doesn’t replenish when you’re done. You’ll need to do that, and there are three ways to go about it. Room & board replenishes vitality for free but can only be used occasionally, medical care costs gold, and Roman baths cost glory, the game’s premium currency.

Epic Gladiator

  • Tip – you can also increase vitality by regularly visiting your gladiators in the barracks, which can be done by simply tapping the roster option at the bottom of the screen.
  • Other than training, the other determining factor to success is gear and weapons. You can buy this (as well as additional slaves) at the market.
  • Some items cost gold and others cost glory, but the key is that you cannot equip any gear higher than your experience level. So it’s important to keep checking back to ensure that your fighters have the best gear possible.

  • Weapons – you have two main options when it comes to weapons. Two-handed weapons are more powerful, but less accurate. One-handed weapons, meanwhile, are weaker but faster and free up a second hand to carry either a shield or a secondary weapon.

Epic GladiatorEpic Gladiator

  • Glory – you can purchase glory with money, but there are also free ways to earn some as well. This includes things like installing various apps or even posting a link to the game on Facebook. To check out the offers simply tap the “get more glory” option at the top of the screen. The game will also feature sporadic pop-ups that advertise games in exchange for glory.


  • You’ve completed the Epic Gladiator quick start guide for the iPhone and iPod Touch. Now you have all the skills you need to rise to the top of the gladiator ranks. Be sure to keep checking back with Gamezebo for our extensive coverage with reviews, previews, guides and more.