Demolition Dash let’s you release your inner monster later this month

Do you look forward to the day when you can stomp through whole cities, wreaking havoc and causing chaos wherever you go? Do you dream of laughing maniacally whilst you trample buildings and destroy vehicles, giddily watching the little people run around screaming beneath you? Well, guess what? There’s about to be an app for that: Demolition Dash.

The game is a kind of high-speed platformer. Players control Zilla, a moderately-sized red monster who has a giant appetite for destruction, as he tears through various metropolises like New York, London, Moscow, and San Francisco. Zilla has to jump and roar through the levels (the roars are used to combat who stand in his way); if a jump is missed or a roar is timed too late, Zilla loses health and his tail grows shorter. Meanwhile, players can also collect items which will cause Zilla to transform into a terrifying monster: chili peppers increase his roaring power, wings change him into Super Zilla, red stars make him invincible and turn him into GodZilla (come on, you knew that one was coming).

Based on the trailer and screenshots, the game has some pretty stellar and unique graphics. The colors and illustration style alone seem to make this title worth checking out. On top of that, the game’s customizable control setup is advertised as being easy for both left-and-right-handed gamers.

Demolition Dash is set to hit the App Store on May 26th for both the iPhone ($0.99) and the iPad ($1.99).