Army Attack brings Advance Wars-style strategy to Facebook

Zombie Lane developer Digital Chocolate has just released its latest game, a turn-based strategy title called Army Attack that’s reminiscent of Nintendo’s popular Advance Wars series. And even though Army Attack just launched on Facebook, what we’ve seen so far makes us both excited to play some more and worried for our precious free time.

As a game about military strategy, Army Attack is all about controlling land. To start off with you’ll control a small squad of units and only a small part of the map will be visible. Areas near to you but unexplored are visible, while areas further away are shrouded in darkness. Thing is, it’s not just you out there on the battlefield.

Army Attack

As you move your units and explore more of the map you’ll come across enemy forces which you’ll need to eliminate. Each of your units has a particular range of attack, and you can arrange them strategically to fully maximize your attack. There’s plenty of other stuff you’ll need to deal with as well, including mine fields, barricades, and propaganda transmission towers to get rid of, and even cities that you can conquer.

You’ll earn cash, gasoline (for healing units), and other items as you play, which can be used for everything from buying new units to building a headquarters and defenses like a guard tower or barbed wire fences. There’s also the now-common collection system which allows you to trade-in collections for energy and items.

Army Attack

Even early on, it seems clear that the gameplay in Army Attack does a good job of being both strategic and approachable at the same time, which should make it a great fit for the Facebook audience. It also comes complete with a charming cartoon art style, including great looking portraits for the various enemy commanders you’ll be battling against.

Stay tuned to Gamezebo for a full review of Army Attack in the future, but in the meantime you can play the game’s beta right now.