Infinity Blade rocked our socks off when it came out back in December, but since then, I’ve admittedly spent little time playing it. I seem to be in the minority on this, as many of my friends still find themselves killing the God King over and over again in their endless pursuit for better armor and stronger weapons. But whether your still an active participant in the God King’s slaughter, or have long since moved on to a newer obsession, you’ll want to fire this bad boy up again on May 19th. Developer Chair Entertainment has just confirmed that this will be the day their latest update will be going live, and it can be summed up in a single, glorious word: multiplayer.

Dubbed “Infinity Blade: Arena,” this free update will let players compete online in the role of either Titan or Knight, with the backbone of the experience handled by Apple’s own Game Center. In an effort to keep things fair and balanced, players won’t be able to use their character from the single player game in the online battles. Depending on your perspective, this is either a really good or a really bad thing.

If you choose to play as the Titan, a slider bar on the side of the screen will let you control the speed of your attacks. As with the traditional single player, slower attacks will be more powerful while quicker attacks will be weaker. This varying speed should help to keep your opponent on their toes in a way that pitting two knights against each other simply wouldn’t.



In between matches you’ll be able to spend gold to make upgrades, such as buying a better monster or upgrading the stats of the one you already have. In addition to multiplayer, the Infinity Blade: Arena update will also feature a survival mode that will have you go up against an endless parade of titans.

Haven’t picked up Infinity Blade yet? Read our review to find out why you should dive into it now and get your skills polished before the multiplayer arrives this Thursday.