iDamaged to bring side-scrolling mech robot action to the iPhone this summer

Some people say that the only things certain in life are death and taxes. Clearly, these people have never heard of giant robots. If they had, they’d also know this immutable truth: giant robots are always cool. Clearly the developers at The Red Thing agree, as they’re readying their upcoming robot action game iDamaged for release this summer.

In iDamaged, players will pilot the giant battle mech prototype XR-1 as it takes on the evil army of the Dark Phantom. Players will be able to control their rideable robot through on-screen controls or accelerometer-based tilting – the choice is up to you. Simple finger swipes will call in air strikes and double taps will call up secondary weapons. Judging from the descriptions, the controls sound as if they’ll be accessible despite the seemingly frantic action that appears on screen.



In terms of goodies, iDamaged will offer a pretty sizable arsenal of weapons to pick from, with mini-guns, flame throwers, and even a Howitzer making the cut. The Red Thing are also promising a variety of power-ups and mines to keep gamers on their toes.

Players will be using this arsenal across six different campaigns, in which the designers intend to showcase boss battles, dynamic weather, and more. iDamaged is also set to feature Game Center integration, offering both leaderboards and achievements.

No release date has been pegged down beyond the vague “summer,” at this point, but with more than 2000 hours of manpower being poured into this release, it could turn out to be worth the wait. And even though the game hasn’t been released yet, the developers are already looking towards the future, announcing that updates will be coming down the road to offer more campaigns, more weapons, more enemies, and even a level editor.

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