Frisbee Forever offers fantastic flying disc fun free of charge

There are few childhood toys that are as iconic as the Frisbee. Like Dumpster, Thermos or Xerox, Frisbee is one of the few brands that embodies what it is (for the record, any other similar product must be called a “flying disc” – it’s true!). It also happens to be a ton of fun to use. Frisbee Forever takes your classic flung Frisbee and crafts a devilishly fun puzzle/physics game around it.

Your goal in Frisbee Forever is to complete 100 levels, steering the disc either using tap or tilt controls as it flies through an obstacle course and picks up stars. The more stars you collect, the better the medal you can earn. You’ll also receive coins to purchase new items and special Frisbees. The stars, too, are used to unlock more levels in the game. You also earn experience points, which are co-requisites with stars to unlock other worlds, as well as unlock special bonus levels and earn even more goodies.

Frisbee Forever looks really good. The 3D graphics are vivid and bright, with great detail and a silky smooth frame rate. The music, on the other hand, is a kind of folky/rocky guitar tune, and only two tracks seem to be in the game. You’re not likely playing Frisbee Forever for its soundtrack, but extended play sessions required flicking the mute switch in order to preserve sanity.

The gameplay is why you’ll likely have these extended sessions. The levels consist of obstacles ranging from simple trees and fences to Ferris wheels and fans that blow your Frisbee off-course, to looping tunnels and flying pigs. Throughout the whole level your Frisbee is gradually slowing down and falling back to earth, so you’ll need to hit every booster along the way in order to get to the finish line. There’s always a best line to steer through, and you’ll probably have to spend a bit of time getting every star and earning a gold medal.

While some levels in Frisbee Forever are easy to complete, there are often difficulty spikes where a level just gets almost absurd in its requirement for perfection to achieve the gold medal. Though spikes like this are never a good thing, Frisbee Forever dulls the pain significantly by rewarding you even in the event of failure. If your Frisbee smacks and obstacle or you fail to hit a booster and it falls, you’ll have to try again. However, you’ll still earn the stars you managed to pick up as well as gain some experience for your troubles. It’s a great way to reward players just for playing, and makes failure an actual motivator rather than a punishment.

Frisbee Forever

Frisbee Forever

In fact, the main reason to get the highest medals in Frisbee Forever are for those coins. Since Frisbee Forever is a freemium game, you have the option of purchasing your progress. But because of the generous reward system, only the most obsessive collectaholics desiring every last item in the stores and will need to purchase extra coins. Unlocking levels is something that, as long as you learn to play the game well, you should have no trouble doing. There might be the need to replay a few levels to earn some more coins, making the work for progress feel a tad artificially padded.

Don’t let this deter you, though. Frisbee Forever is a really fun, challenging game that appeals to the kid in all of us. The price tag of free is great for a game of this quality (not to mention all the free advertising Wham-O gets). There’s no reason not to give Frisbee Forever a whirl – unless you’re too busy tossing the real thing outside this spring.