Everyone’s favorite DRM-free classic game downloads site GOG.com have added some new features to their website: a new downloader application and instant and a private messaging system for users. To celebrate, GOG.com is offering the classic point-and-click puzzle adventure Dragonsphere for free to GOG.com account holders.

The new downloader has been made from scratch by GOG.com developers and features multithreaded downloads for performance, automatic error checking and runs only when the user is downloading something from GOG.com. The downloader is not a client application and is optional to use, although recommended for downloading big games.

Personal Messages, the second biggest feature of the spring update, is a combination of instant and private messaging. The system will have fully configurable privacy settings and just like the downloader is completely optional. Other changes include an improved checkout system, update to work flawlessly on newest browsers and easier to use coupon system.

Finally, the GOG.com team is offering up Dragonsphere free to all users. The game is an adventure point-and-click title by famous MicroProse and features excellent story, clever puzzles and simple yet appealing graphics. The game is a free download to everyone who has registered for a GOG.com user account.