Groupon-style shopping deals have become all the rage amongst digital deal hunters over the last few months, but few of these services have managed to offer deals on downloadable products. Daillly identified this gap in the market and quickly filled it, offering online deals exclusively for online products, services, and virtual currencies – and now they’re branching into the world of iOS gaming.

Starting tomorrow, Daillly users will have the opportunity to purchase 10,000 in-game coins for GAMEBOX+ for only $2 – a hefty savings from its usual price tag of $5.99. Players will be able to make this purchase using a Daillly coupon code in-app. Dailly has previously offered deals for virtual currency in Facebook games and apps (as well as a variety of other virtual goods), but this will be the company’s first foray into iOS-based virtual currency.

Implementing coupons into an iOS game might sound like a difficult proposition to get approved by Apple, but as it turns out developers only need to add a small portion of code that connects to the Daillly API to get this working. Interested developers should be able to integrate this into their apps in only 10 minutes, say Daillly founder Luke Miler.

“The beauty of the virtual goods is that the cost of discount is pretty much close to zero and distribution can happen immediately – giving awesome marketing opportunities for promoted content.”

If you’re a fan of mobile games that use virtual currencies, you’ll be delighted to know that tomorrow’s deal is only the beginning for Daillly and iOS gaming. “We are discussing with iOS social platforms on partnering with us to provide collective buying via Daillly to a wide range of developers/users using their platform for the content they love,” says Miler. “We have also couple of developers lined up that we will want to do next deals with.”

Miler also tells us that Daillly has an app of their own in the cards, though it’s still likely a ways off.

Daillly isn’t the first group coupon service to target the iOS market – OpenFeint launched their own Fire Sale program back in December through their Game Channel app, and has gone on to offer deals on games from Capcom, Halfbrick, and more. The catch though, is that you have to have their Game Channel app installed to participate, and that the offers only happened once a week. Daillly doesn’t have any such hang-ups, and lets you check on their daily deals from the one place most of us do our online shopping – the browser.

If you’re a developer interested in offering a Daillly coupon of your own, fire off an e-mail to In the meantime, be sure to check out Daillly tomorrow for your chance to get in on a coupon for GAMEBOX+, or simply download the free game tonight to see if tomorrow’s deal would be worth your while!