Frisbee Forever gets thrown onto the App Store this Thursday

If you’ve ever spent time on a college campus, odds are that you’ve spent some time on a grassy quad with some friends tossing a Frisbee around. Or maybe you’ve even played on an ultimate Frisbee team. However, one place that you’ve likely never imagined using a Frisbee is on your iOS device. Enter Frisbee Forever, a soon-to-be released title that will let players play with the little flying saucers in a variety of digital environments.

The idea behind the game is pretty simple. Users have to guide a Frisbee as it flies through a level. Along the way players have to collect power-ups, nail targets, and collect various items that pepper the areas. Doing all of these results in a variety of unlockable content (including a wide variety of customizable Frisbees), and the game is promising a number of achievements to earn.

Exactly how many levels Frisbee Forever will contain remains to be seen, but the game’s official trailer shows that players will have at least three to choose from: Wild West, California Theme Park, and “Pirate-filled Caribbean oceans” (the last looks especially fun, but it’d look even cooler if we get some sweet pirate-versus-ninja action included).

Frisbee Forever

Frisbee Forever

It should also be noted that, for such a simple premise, the game looks surprisingly good. The environments seem to be pretty wide open, not to mention how crisp the graphics look in the trailer.

No price point has been announced yet, but the game is due out on May 5th for the iPad, iPhone, and iPod.