Piclings gets set to combine platforming, photography, and creativity this May

Most of us have dreamed about making our own video game, but we’re often limited by our lack of technical skills. Piclings is looking to change all that. Not only will the game allow players to create their own content, but the only thing they have to know how to do is use their iOS device’s camera.

Players control a Picling – a rather adorable little creature “resembling a cross between a fruit and a toad”- named Picazzo. Players have to guide Picazzo through in-game levels, platforming, flying, and collecting coins, all while avoiding the various enemies that populate the levels. Enemies are called Huffies and Puffies. Picazzo is moved via an invisible virtual joystick that pops up anywhere that players touch on the screen.

What makes the game exciting is how customizable it is. Players have two ways to create in-game levels. Those who want to can draw complete maps and then convert their designs into maps via the game’s built-in level editor. Alternately, players can use images from their photo library; the game’s “Canny edge detection technology” can detect/create ledges, floors, and walls for a level.



The game also has a heavy emphasis on community interaction. Achievements in the Game Center and global high scores allow players to compete with each other, while custom levels will be able to exported and shared between friends.

Piclings is due out for iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch on May 6th, and will sell for $0.99 across the board.